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Dried Figs

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Dried figs belong to the family Ficus Carica Domestica L. These figs are simply picked, dried, pressed into a flat disc shaped and packaged. The flat disc shape is a type of packing, known as Lerida (the other common shape is usually referred to as natural). These organic figs are sourced from Turkey and have a sweet flavour. They are soft to bite and chewy in texture. Use figs as a sweet substitute, simply eat and enjoy with no added sugar, just natural sweetness. They make the perfect addition to a cheese board. Dried Figs are delicious chopped up into a cereal mix or in baking, particularly fruit cakes and muesli bars. Figs can often develop a white powdery coating which is called sugaring – this is a natural process which is simply caused by the crystallisation of the fruit sugars in the fruit. If you need to freshen up the dried figs that have crystallised, it is easy, just wash them!


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